MITsy can recover your data in the following situations
  • Accidental deletion / formatting
  • Data Corruption due to virus
  • Forgotten password / data encryption
  • Inaccessible disk / partitions
  • Operating system crash
  • Hard drive failure / crashed
  • Mechanical failure of hard disk
  • Natural disasters like flood and fire
  • Electrical damage due to power failure and surges
  • Firmware corruption
  • Multiple disk failure in RAID system


Data Recovery

We help you recover data from all types of corrupted or damaged media, irrespective of the OS you use. Our team of highly trained experts deal with both logical and physical data failures. We operate in a dust free room in which we have at our premises.

Logical media failure We never touch your source data; first stage is cloning your media, and then recovering the lost data.

Physical media failure We first fix your media then read the lost data. We reposition read/write heads, move platters to a working drive, fix faulty electric board etc.

Digital Data Erasure, Disk Sanitization

Individuals and large corporations often upgrade their storage systems and carelessly dispose of the existing hard drives by simply deleting the data, which can be recovered. To prevent your sensitive data from leaking into someone else’s hand we recommend using our expert services to sanitize your data. We can sanitize the storage systems at your premises or in our lab.

Data Cloning

Data cloning services are undertaken by us. The customer’s hard drive is cloned with documents that assure that chain of custody is clear. The data is held for future reference or exported abroad as per the customer’s order.