MITsy began operations in 1990 as a data recovery service and it expanded its operations to clone the hard drives for transfer and backup purposes. The Israeli security authorities i.e. The Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Israeli Antitrust Authority are customers of MITsy over the past decade. The company holds the certifications of ISO 9001:2000 and ISO27001.

Close association with the government authorities led to the development of an investigating tool known as ForeSee. It is a software platform which is currently used by the Israeli Securities Authority, the Israeli aviation industry, Israeli national police service and many other authorities. It is controlled by experts of MITsy in civil computer investigations.

MITsy enables people to make use of ForeSee and eDiscovery support services to deploy the best practices. All this ensures generation of court ready reporting of digital evidences that are comprehensive in every sense and manner.

eDiscovery process is rigorous, rapid, well streamlined and it entertains customers with maximum results at minimum cost. Its benefits are as underlined:

  • It allows initiating a search on the local file format without the need of pdf or TIFF conversions.
  • Removes duplicated hashed files itself during the search process.
  • Analysis of findings with experienced staff members.
  • Grouping and tagging of documents for auxiliary reviews.
  • Reviews the time consumed when files are exported with the help of ForeSee.
  • Immediate view of files after being searched.
  • Efficient and proficient search with no need of FTK, DD.
  • Unlimited number of people can review the files with no additional cost.
  • Hash of all exported files can be saved to a new medium.

Results are presented in an easy to review the format for complete assessment.