Computer Data Recovery

Computer Data recovery is of high-importance as data is the essence of one’s virtual world. Loosing computer files and data can become a frightening experience if your business depends on those files. Literally, every person who owes a computer eventually faces the challenge of data recovery. Computer hardware and software can prove to be very [...]

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What are Physical and Logical BAD Sectors?

Amongst the list of potential hard disk faults and mistakes, bad cluster is one that doesn’t create it completely non-functional. Hard disk bad cluster, casually known as bad sector, is a small sector which doesn’t respond to read and write desires, and therefore, the gadget software, which is operating the hard drive, reports it as [...]

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Forensic search. MITsy International Ltd.

Overview Foresee is the most powerful existing tool for forensic search. This tool provides more than simple words searching, but smart multilingual pattern recognizing, even in the cases when pattern is stored in some exotic format and you have no tool to view this file/free area as text and read it. Potentially, Foresee can search [...]

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